Time (part 11)

    “Kelly,” I said. The other me turned around and looked at me dropping her popcorn when she saw me. “I…..I’m ….”she gasped. “It’s okay. Let’s just go somewhere and talk,” I said. We exited the theater silently and began walking down the street. I noticed that she was shaking life a leaf. “Is […]

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Time (part 8)

  I took the card from Tom. On the front of the card was a picture of a hundred or so lifesavers. When I opened it it said “Happy Birthday to my love and my lifesaver. Love, Tom.” “Maybe you saved my life, “he said as if he were trying to explain the relationship to […]

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Time (part 6)

    The first thing I saw when I came to was Tom concerned face bent over me, he handed me a glass of water and sat me up. “Where am I, “I asked.” “You’re in the other room watching TV.” “Oh, did I say anything about what year I was from? “She…I mean you […]

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Time (part 4)

    I got up at six and took another shower with the lilac soap. I started to cry not wanting to leave and go back to the tiny room in the shared apartment. I considered staying, but I remembered what Tom had said. I ran to the train station and jumped on the red […]

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Time (part one)

    I felt hopeful when we saw the ad for a roommate in North Hollywood. My unemployment check did not begin to cover the rent on my Beverly Hills studio and what little I made from audience work and blogging just barely made ends meet. I’d only met Tom, my new roommate briefly. Tom’s […]

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The Ringtone

Belinda lay in bed staring at the ceiling. That morning marked her third straight month of unemployment. She was reviewing all the interviews she had in her head and wondering what she did wrong. Her benefits would run out soon and they weren’t really enough to live off of. She realized she should probably plan […]

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