Three Swimming Pools

  Gwenie sat at her desk staring at her monitor. It was her first overnight shift at Morton Security and she didn’t want to fall asleep. She’d made the strongest coffee she could and also drank an energy drink. She had been thrilled to get the job. She’d always loved celebrity reality shows and now […]

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OK, Stupid

    Tracy sat looking at the OK Cupid Profile for a long moment. The picture was an extreme close up, but it was definitely Blake, her boyfriend. Remembering she was at work she looked over her cube wall to make sure her boss was not coming. She saw the tops of her coworker’s heads. […]

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The Complaint (part 24)

  Ellen left the apartment very early the next morning, not wanting to run into Kyle. She didn’t even make coffee and she wondered if she was entitled to get a cup from a shop or if she would be expected to pay for it. She still didn’t understand the complicated economic system in Hell. She […]

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The Complaint (Part 13)

Ellen ran back downstairs and began typing out her punishment. She had decided that Barrett the Bully would have to spend the rest of eternity eating his own vomit. It was metaphorical in that everything he ever said in his life was a rejection of what was inside of him; it was economical in that […]

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The Complaint (part 11)

  Ellen watched TV for as long as she could stay awake. Aside from the news it was all reality television. She marveled at the variety of different plots they had thought up. The first one was a show about the life of Ted Bundy in Hell. He managed to avoid his punishment of being […]

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The Complaint (part 10)

She finished her SpaghettiOs and excused herself to have a look around the dorm. She went into the bathroom where she tested the water in the shower and as she suspected, it was ice cold. After using the facilities for the first time in the eight or so hours she’d been in Hell she looked […]

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The Complaint (Part 6)

  The Maitre’ d led them to a table near the window where they sat, munching on breadsticks and drinking water. The restaurant slowly revolved and Rhonda pointed out all the various sections of Hades to Ellen. “Right over there are your famous leaders, Pol Pot is there he labors all day at growing potatoes […]

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