Group Therapy Available

From Craigslist: Group therapy available for anxiety, sex addiction and anorexia. Medger Simpson parked the ratty Geo Storm several blocks away from his virtual office on Wilshire Blvd. The young psychotherapist wondered what Dr. Peterman, who he had not seen in five years, could possibly want to talk to him about. Dr. Peterman was a […]

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Bang (part 4)

Mike set up the lights he’d procured from the studio and Tabitha sat in front of the laptop. She opened her script and gave it the once over. She laughed and said it was funny. She turned on the webcam and everyone was silent. “Hello my name is Tabitha Kraft and I am a member […]

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Time (part 9)

      The machine rumbled and stopped; I stepped out cautiously. There was nothing in the closet except two rats who stared up at me after I came out of the machine. I bolted out of the closet and into the bedroom which contained many more rats. I ran to the front door, but […]

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Time (Part 7)

“So what happens now?” Younger me asked. “What do you mean,” Tom said. “You’ll just have to go back to 2012.” “Maybe she’s here for a reason,” I interjected. “Maybe we’ve completely screwed up the entire world,” Tom said beginning to get angry. I wondered if his anger didn’t have something to do with me. […]

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