Bang (part 5)

Penelope awoke to a loud knock at the front door. She went to answer it and found two policeman standing in front of her. “Penelope Roger’s,” one of them said. “Yes,” she said. “We have a warrant for your arrest for the Kidnaping of Tabitha Kraft, the other one said. “You have the right to […]

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Bang (part 4)

Mike set up the lights he’d procured from the studio and Tabitha sat in front of the laptop. She opened her script and gave it the once over. She laughed and said it was funny. She turned on the webcam and everyone was silent. “Hello my name is Tabitha Kraft and I am a member […]

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Bang (part 3)

Penelope and Billy held up in their motel room for several days, watching the news and living off the pizzas that Josh brought them. Late at night, after Josh got off work the three of them would plan the kidnaping and the subsequent press release they would send out about why Tabitha Kraft was joining […]

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