The Complaint (part 24)

  Ellen left the apartment very early the next morning, not wanting to run into Kyle. She didn’t even make coffee and she wondered if she was entitled to get a cup from a shop or if she would be expected to pay for it. She still didn’t understand the complicated economic system in Hell. She […]

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The Complaint (part 23)

    “You mean the mall maniac,” Marvin asked. “Yeah.” she said looking back towards the store with a mixture of fear and curiosity. “There’s no way, what are the odds? There are millions of souls in Hell. You know what it is we were talking about it before, you were thinking about it, you […]

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The Complaint (Part 22)

    “Ellen, ” Danni said looking slightly amused. “Hey, Danni”, Ellen said wanting to crawl under a rock. ” So your the new roommate. This is so weird I was just thinking about you. What are the odds?” ” I have no Idea,” Ellen said, wondering if Kyle said anything to Danni. With this […]

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The Complaint (Part 21)

    She focused on the two eyes in the very center of his body. She hoped that they were the correct ones. She stammered a bit as she spoke, wondering what would happen if he did not like her punishment. He stared at her without blinking. He had no nose and a small mouth […]

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The Complaint Part 20

  Ellen arrived to work the next morning wired and exhausted. She had  been up all night trying to think of a just punishment  for Casandra. Since she had made fun of those who took her seriously Ellen felt that the punishment should involve public humiliation of some kind. she thought of making the woman  […]

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The Complaint (Part 19)

  “You know I was pretty surprised to end up here. I mean I was a fucking Christian. I went to church every Sunday. I wanna talk to a lawyer because that doesn’t seem right, “Abby said. “I think it’s based more on behaviors,” Ellen said. “Like if you’re from the Judea Christian culture and […]

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The Complaint (part 18)

    The ferry stop was crowded with the most unattractive people Ellen had seen since arriving in Hell. A small, thin woman with enormous feet was attempting to tap dance and falling every few seconds. A naked, faceless man walked around the stop handing people blank sheets of paper. A woman with pencils for […]

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