The Cello Has Its Say

Read my new novella anthology: A space alien on a mission learns about human existence with the assistance of a bitter, yet knowledgeable rat. – A psychiatrist invents a device to extract a patient’s repressed memories which come out of the patient’s head in the form of tiny people. He runs into trouble when the […]

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The Superhero App

Betty Blueblood was just leaving Shuffle, a hot new nightclub on the East side of San Antonio, when two men jumped out of the bushes and forced her to the ground. She grabbed for her phone and pressed the “Swoop” app. Oswald Pumpernickel a meek, unassuming bag boy at a local health food store had […]

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    Walter saw a short, plump blonde woman who was dressed in jeans and a  Jimmy Hendrix tee shirt, sitting at the bar. She looked just enough like her profile picture, for him to know what it was his date, Adelaide. He smiled and approached her, wondering why chicks put unrealistic pictures of themselves […]

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The Nirvana Loophole

  When I was a kid, my parents sent me to Saturday school at a very reformed temple. It was so reformed that Saturday school was actually held on Sunday, because it was more convenient for everyone. Although my parents were basically agnostic, they felt that it was important that I learn about Jewish culture. […]

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  Claudia parked in the lot of the sad looking stucco office building that sat amongst the abandon buildings of NE Glisan. She climbed the stairs to the third floor and looked for number 308. She knocked and opened the door to find a short, unimpressive looking brunette seated behind a pine wood desk. The […]

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