Eliza Gale is a frumpy, middle-aged customer service representative/tool of the oppressor who currently resides in Portland, OR. with her most beloved poodle, MacBeth. Eliza always wanted to be a writer and now, due to that evil force known as the internet she can call herself one.

Born and raised in Chicago, IL, Eliza spent most of her life trying to run somewhere “better” than where ever it was she was at the time. Over the course of many years she has lived in Denver, Fort Dix, Augusta, Los Angeles, CA and now Portland. No matter where she goes she can’t escape the awareness of her own ineptitude at everything, the black empty void of her soul  and the knowledge that life means nothing.

In an effort to avoid slitting her wrist and making an even bigger mess of the bathroom. Eliza enjoys interviewing people who actually have jobs that they like.