Bang (part 4)


Mike set up the lights he’d procured from the studio and Tabitha sat in front of the laptop. She opened her script and gave it the once over. She laughed and said it was funny. She turned on the webcam and everyone was silent.

“Hello my name is Tabitha Kraft and I am a member of the Hollywood Liberation Army, the group that is responsible for the Central Casting robbery. We represent poor artist who have been taken advantage of by big corporate studios. We will continue to stage acts of rebellion until our demands are met. We want public transportation to be free for three months. We want background actors to be given a fair rates. We want free health care for freelance workers in California. That’s all of now. “

She turned off the webcam and everyone clapped.

“That was great, “Billy said exuberantly.

Penelope eyed him suspiciously.

“Well, we’ve got a big day tomorrow, so we should probably turn in,” Penelope said.

Everyone began to head to their rooms.

“Hey, Mike could you call Steve and tell him I love him and I’ll see him Sunday.”

“Okay, “Mike said.

Tabitha went into the guest room

“How did you get her cell phone,” Penelope asked Mike.

I told her she had to be without her cell phone for seventy two hours in order for this part of the show to work. I told her the director though her reactions would be more natural if she didn’t have any contact with the outside world.”

“That was okay with her?” Penelope asked, shocked.

“ Yeah , she’s in the Church of Astromometry. They require their members to do a pop culture cleanse once a year with. No internet, television or phone for one week. She started it tonight. Two birds, one stone I guess. “

Penelope and Billy headed for their room and Josh went to his. Mike left and took the computer to an internet café where he would park just close enough to the building to post the video on Youtube using the café’s free wifi.

Penelope undressed and put on the night gown that she had taken to wearing. Billy stripped down to his boxers and climbed in next to her. He seemed cheerful.’

“”You know, maybe this will work out,” he said. “Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to be like a gangster.”

“You mean a folk hero,” she asked.

“Yeah, like that. You know I expected her to be some kind of a spoiled bitch, but she’s actually really sweet,” he said.

Penelope didn’t say anything. He turned out the light and kissed her, she did not stop him, she realized it was the only way he would forgive her.

Josh stayed awake in his room with the door slightly a jar so that he could see the door to Tabitha’s room. They had agreed to stay awake in two and a half hour shifts, just in case Tabitha got smart and tried to leave.