Bang (part 3)


Penelope and Billy held up in their motel room for several days, watching the news and living off the pizzas that Josh brought them. Late at night, after Josh got off work the three of them would plan the kidnaping and the subsequent press release they would send out about why Tabitha Kraft was joining the Hollywood Liberation Army.

The plan was to have Josh’s friend Mike, the PA hand Tabitha a phony schedule telling her that she was supposed to convince  a pizza delivery boy to play a prank with her. They would hide the camera on her so the delivery boy would not know he was part of the show.

Josh’s grandmother was currently living in a nursing home and Josh was living in her house. They would then take her there where they would have her make various videos saying she had joined the HLA and was on the side of all the poor oppressed aspiring actors in Hollywood.

They sent their rent in and passed the next two weeks at various motels around Nevada. They spent two nights sleeping in their car. Billy dyed his hair black and Penelope dyed her’s red. Billy ate a lot for about five days while Penelope basically starved.

They watched the news whenever they could. They were relieved when they heard that the woman who was shot was said to have recovered and returned home. The night before they were to head to Josh’s grandmothers to carry out their plan. they discussed the possibility of ditching Josh, but realized the only way to do this effectively was to kill him.

Penelope lay awake in bed that night, secretly excited about the plan. Although she had never been political, she liked the idea of doing something that would have a lasting impact on other people. She’d wanted her hold up to make a statement, now maybe it would.

“Are you still mad at me,” she asked Billy as they drove to Josh’s grandma’s desert home.

“I don’t know,” he answered gruffly. They drove in silence for a moment. “It’s just that I think you should think things through more before you do them. I mean we could have planed the robbery together. Plus, you just ordered that pizza without asking me we coulda gone to the Taco Bell drive though and avoided this whole goddamn mess.”

“Uh-huh,” she answered.

They arrived at the house where Josh was putting his pizza delivery outfit on, even though he did not have a shift that night.

“Okay, the crew is off tonight they’ll be at some strip club. My friend Mike will be there pretending to hide the camera on her and mic her and so on and so forth. Afterwards I’ll bring her back here. Mike will follow us and we’ll start making the tapes. I got you guys thick horn rimmed glasses, wear them at all times.”

Penelope put on glasses and stood looking in the mirror. She had whitened her teeth and was applying a great deal of lipstick. She ate a few bits of the pot infused brownie bites that Josh had stashed in the kitchen, then she had a few more.

Billy turned on the computer that they had purchased from a man on Craigslist. He made sure the camera was working and took care to make sure he did not go online. They had both turned off their cell phones for fear that they could be traced. After about an hour they heard the car pull in to the driveway followed by laughter.

Mike, a tall dark haired man walked in with Josh and Tabitha Kraft.

“Hey you guys this is Tabitha and Brad. These are my roommates Scott and Katie.” “Hi” Penelope and Billy said.

“Hey,” Tabitha said looking Penelope up and down judgmentally.

“Well, I’ll be right back, “I gotta get Kraft services,” Mike said.

“Get Brie and apples,” said Tabitha in a baby voice.

Mike left and the car pulled out of the drive way. Penelope and Billy served Tabitha and Josh coffee and brownie bits.

“So, Mike told us you would be filming part of a reality show here over the next few days,” Penelope asked innocently.

“Oh, yeah, it was really fun, Tabitha said. Brad here came over to deliver a pizza and I dragged him along to gift wrap Brittaney Spears hotel room door, it was really funny.”

Billy and Penelope laughed nervously. They chatted a bit more about Tabitha’s reality show and Mike came back in with the three large bags of groceries. After they had snacked on wine and cheese. They told Tabitha it was time to make the first video.

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