Bang (part one)

clap Bill Box sat in his car reading a map and trying to figure out the best way to get to Long Beach from Burbank. He heard footsteps running up to the car and his girlfriend, Penelope Rogers swung open the door and jumped inside.

“Jesus,” he exclaimed!

“I just robbed Central Casting! Drive!” She said looking over her shoulder and throwing her overstuffed book bag on the floor.

“You did what? “

“I just robbed Central Casting, let’s get out of here”

“Okay but we are definitely breaking up.” “What made you decide to do that,” he asked as they speed down the freeway

.” “We talked about doing a robbery.” She said clutching the backpack with her feet.

“We joked about a robbery,” he said thinking he heard sirens in the background. “You might have told me what you were going to do

.” “I didn’t know til the last minute myself,” she said. “I honestly went in there to renew my picture and I saw everyone standing there in line. Looking at all the pretty, thin people and I got to thinking about all the work they would get and all the work I wouldn’t. Then it occurred to me that they all had at least $25.00 cash and the casting directors had been taking money all day. So, I took my grandpa’s gun out of my bag and made everyone get down on the floor with their cash in from of them.”

“And they all complied?”

“Mostly, this one girl tried to run.”

“What stopped her,” he asked not really waning to know.

“I shot her.” “Oh my God! Like in the leg?” “I don’t know..” “Is…you don’t know where you shot her?” I think it was the leg. I shot her and she dropped, I assumed she just knew I was being serious and followed my instructions.

“Jesus Christ, Penelope!”

“Look, calm down. My old picture has been deleted from the system and my hair is a different color than it was in that picture. No one there knows me. We’re gonna be okay. Let’s just go and hide out in Nevada for a couple of days.” They drove in silence for several hours.

Stopping only once for gas and the restroom. They arrived at a seedy looking motel on the outskirts of Vegas. They sat on the bed and Penelope dumped the money out of the bag. They counted $8000. “Well I think we can pay rent this month.” Penelope said. “We can pay for the next few months,” Billy said brightening a bit.“If they’re not looking for us.”

Penelope turned on the television and began looking for some news. She stopped when she saw Anderson Cooper sitting in front of a screen that said “Robbery at Central Casting.”

“In a bizarre story a woman held up the offices of Central Casting in Burbank, California and shot a woman this afternoon. Central Casting supplies background actors for films and television. Potential extras pay $25.00 to have their picture taken at the agency. The pictures are then put into a database where casting directors can select the actors they want. Every Tuesday the actors can register for the agency. The alleged gun woman forced a hundred or so background extras to give her their registration fees. This video shows the hold up. The shooting victim was taken to Mercy hospital where she is in serious condition. Anyone having any information is urged to call the Los Angeles police department.”

Penelope and Billy nervously studied the video tape with great intensity. There was a knock at the door.