Morton Titleman sat in his tiny cramped room surrounded by old newspapers and comic books. He opened his sixth Pepsi of the day and a large bag of Cheetos. He went on YouTube and critiqued several of the music cover videos. He went to Craigslist and ranted and raved about how women in Los Angeles were all stuck up bitches who couldn’t see past a few extra pounds. He went to the talent section and posted an ad:

Sugar Daddy $1000 a month.

If you are attractive and between the ages of twenty and thirty five I would be willing to pay you $1000 a month for you to meet with me twice a month for fun and conversation.

Please send me a full body photo and a little bit about yourself.

He sat back and waited for the photo’s to roll in.



Brooklyn Everdone came home to the studio apartment she shared with her brother Melvin. As usual, he was sitting on his bean bag chair smoking pot and reading the Bible. She though, once again how she had to get out of this situation. Since moving to Los Angeles she’d only had one audition for a soap commercial. Her job at Kinko’s was on shaky ground and she could tell her boss didn’t like her. She sat down in her Bean bag chair without acknowledging her brother at all.

She went on Craigslist and started to look for a job. She looked at customer service for a few moments, but then she wandered down to the talent section. She browsed the various acting jobs skipping the porn and foot fetish stuff.

“Attractive brunette 25 to thirty. The headline said, she hesitated and then clicked, she had turned 35 the week before. The director was looking for a lead actress for his new independent rom/com. She was supposed to be beautiful, passionate and endearingly clumsy.

‘But, mostly beautiful,’ she thought. She submitted her photo and resume anyway. She looked pretty good in the picture, her make-up contoured, the lighting perfect, she didn’t understand why she didn’t get more responses; they would have make-up and lighting on the set of a movie, would they not?

She clicked on another ad, asking for an actress from 25 to thirty. This time it was for a girl doing a YouTube monologue for a new play. She was supposed to be plain looking with no make-up. In the monologue she was to relive the characters experience of being invited to a pig party at the age of 16.

Brooklyn moved on to the next ad without sending in her picture. There was an ad for yet another YouTube video, this time, they were looking for an actor to play a prostitute. She thought about it for a moment. It would be good exposure, or would it? What if the camera man and make-up artist didn’t know what they were doing and shot her at her unattractive angle. It occurred to her that she wouldn’t have any control over the comments. Her stomach knotted at the thought of this. She wanted to be seen for who she really was. She moved on.

“Sugar Daddy” the next ad said she clicked on it for a laugh. She read the ad and looked across the room at her brother who was now appeared to be high as a kite. He was swaying back and forth as he prayed. She thought how nice it would be to have her own studio.

He got up and put on his jacket. He exited without saying a single word to her. She looked at the ad again. She wondered how many girls would actually be willing to do this. She thought of an inspirational quote she had seen on Facebook, “It is always more difficult to fight against faith than against knowledge.”

She couldn’t remember who said it, but it made her well up with tears for  She had faith in herself.

She took a deep breath and stood up and went to the bathroom where she did her make up and hair. She took off all of her clothes and snapped a picture on her web came. She answered the sugar daddy ad. She sighed and went to see if her brother had left her any smoke.

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