The Update




Kendell sat in her cube looking at Facebook and talking to the customer. The customer was going on about the frozen broccoli she ordered having arrived unfrozen. Kendell gave a sympathetic ‘uh huh’ occasionally.

She was looking at his pictures again, she couldn’t help it. Every day she told herself that she would unfriend him or at least fix it so she couldn’t see his posts. She was looking for clues as to what had happened.

As the woman screamed and cried Kendell scrolled back to the month before, to Halloween. There was a picture of them in their Sid and Nancy costumes, they looked drunk and happy. At first she hadn’t even wanted to go, but he had said that they were both new to Chicago and they should check out the old town bars. She had ridden the train for an hour to get there. They had wandered from bar to bar talking like their characters and not gone back to his place til 3:00 am.

She scrolled up to the next week as the woman on the phone prattled on about how the company had completely ruined her chicken pot pie recipe.

She’d called him on Monday, they had a brief conversation and he said he’d said he’d call her back. He had posted some Eminem songs and a quote from Edgar Allen Poe. On Tuesday he’d posted nothing. He had finally called her back on Wednesday and they had, had what seemed like an awkward conversation in which they had made no plans for the weekend. On Thursday he hadn’t posted anything, she had heard nothing all weekend. He’d posted a few random songs and articles and then nothing for a week.

The woman on the phone demanded a refund. Kendell attempted to interrupt her to let her know that she could definitely get one, but she could not get a word in edgewise.

She continued to scroll down to the following week that was when Susan appeared. At first there was just a picture of them standing in front of a movie theater. Then there were picture of them At the Sears Tower. Two days later there was an ominous one of Susan standing in front of the bathroom mirror while he was taking a picture in the background shirtless.

She scrolled up some more, there it was the picture of him with her entire family at Thanksgiving. She had visited Susan’s page and looked at her pictures. The two women were similar looking, both were small thin rather ordinary looking blonds, they were both 30-years-old. She wondered what the deciding factor had been. She had tried making a few post of her own indicating happiness. One of her having lunch with a friend another looking cozy with a male coworker; she doubted he even saw them.

She rolled all the way up to that day’s date which was December 5th. He had posted, ‘going to Vegas with my honey for New Years. Kendall decided to post something indicating New Year’s plans. “Big date on New Year’s pickin a new dress….” She wrote.

The woman on the phone’s tragic story had come to a close. Kendall offered her a refund and ten free bags of broccoli. She put in her note.

“10 free brock and refund for freezer fail” she wrote.

She took the next call.

The day wore on. She was just about to leave when she was called into her boss’s office.

“I don’t know if you think it’s funny or what, but you’re not supposed to put notes about your personal life in the notes section of an order, and you’re also supposed to put an order there. This isn’t the first time you’ve done something like this, were going to have to let you go,” her boss had informed her coldly.

Kendall sat at the bus stop holding a box of her stuff and wondering what she was going to do next. She got on the bus and looked at her phone. She had ten updates.

She starred in horror as she saw that she had posted the note about the broccoli to his wall.

She deleted her account without reading the comments.


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