The Agnostic




The girls got into the limo that was parked outside of the airport Holiday Inn. They were about to leave for the Beverly Hills mansion where they were to meet their potential suitor. There were five limo’s containing five potential girlfriends. Each limo pulled up to the mansion and the girls got out one by one and they had a brief interview with Jackson Butterworth, a former country star and the host of Alpha Male which was to be a reality television show. Twenty five beautiful women were to compete to win the heart of a pickup artist who wanted to settle down.

Emily was assigned to the second limo. She sized up the competition as the limo flew down Santa Monica Blvd. There was a tall dark haired girl with nice teeth, but small breasts. There was a red head with perfect skin and long legs, there was an Asian girl with a perfectly tight figure, and a flawless looking brunette with perfect everything.

Emily was a blond with blue eyes and big breast. She hoped whoever this guy was, he was a traditionalist. She needed him to pick her. She wanted to move to LA badly and she knew she would never ever able to afford it without a job. She was sure that if she won she could get another reality show or perhaps an anchor job on E. It was her plan to be likable and sexually conservative, not virginal; but conservative. From what she had seen America like what it considered to be “good girls”, but not freaks. She planned to drink less than the other girls but not tea tottle, she planned to appear smart, but not intellectual, spiritual but not religious and aware but not political. She made a study of these shows, it was her only way out of Boise.

The limo arrived at the mansion and all the girls did the five minute interview. They headed inside for a fabulous cocktail party. Emily had never seen anything so opulent in her life. There were camera men all around and the girls were all served many cocktails. Emily had to hold herself back from eating too many of the hor d’oeuvres. After about an hour Jackson came into the room and told everyone to have a seat.

“Welcome to Alpha Male, ladies,” he said.

Everyone hooted and hollered.

“You ladies were selected from over two million applicants to be here.”

There was more hooting and hollering.

“The Alpha Male is one of the most famous pick up artist on America. He’s been a player for the last fifteen years. But, now he claims that he will marry the right lady if he can find her He is also a self made millionaire with a musical background. Are you ready to meet the Alpha Male?”

There was yet more hooting and hollering.

“Well, this show is a little bit different than most reality dating shows. You ladies won’t be meeting our star tonight, but he has already met all of you.”

The girls all looked confused. Emily went for her best wide eyed, pouty blonde face.

“You see ladies the first elimination won’t be tonight or tomorrow, or the next day. The Alpha male has been watching you from a secret room in this mansion and will continue to do so for the next thirty days. You will be asked to perform a series of tasks. He will judge you on how well you perform these tasks and in thirty days he will eliminate fifteen of you.”

There were gasps all around.

“Oh, Hell no,” someone said.

“What kind of tasks are they,” Emily asked.

“They are tasks based on physical and mental strength, morality and altruism,” he said.

“What’s altruism,” a voice asked. Emily suppressed her laugh and fought an urge to answer the question.

“It’s kind of like generosity,” he said.

The ladies retired to their rooms. Emily’s roommate was Susan, a sultry brunette from Texas. They were encouraged to share secrets before they fell asleep. Emily made up some sexy ones.

The next morning the girls had a relay race before being treated to an elaborate breakfast. Afterward they were ushered into the TV room where they were shown a video about a woman in the Deep South who had adopted six handicapped children. She had supported them largely by selling quilts that the entire family made together. It turned out the woman had given one of her kidneys for her sister and now she was experiencing kidney failure. She needed a donor.

The girls were asked to be tested to see if any of them were matches for the woman. They were told that they had to vote unanimously to be tested and if anyone said no than no one would be tested; everyone agreed to a test.

Emily got a funny feeling that this show may not be what it seemed. Late at night she tried to crack open a window and realized there was no way to do this. She tried to go off the grounds to the convenience store, but was told that it wasn’t allowed. There was no internet access in the house and the cable was regulated to certain channels that only showed reruns and other reality shows.

They next day they played a trivia game, that was followed by a bikini contest. After that they were asked to donate their weekly stipend to a Bolivian orphans, they voted to do this as well.

At night she lay in bed unable to sleep. What if there was no Alpha Male? What if it was all a ploy to get them to do the produces bidding?

She closed her eyes and told herself it was all in her head. She tried to make herself dream of a wonderful life in Los Angeles.

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