The Operation

Margaret lay on the table staring at the ceiling. The paper gown was opened in front and bunched up at her back in a most uncomfortable way.

She felt on the verge of tears. She realized she was doing what she had to do. She had lost her job a month ago there was just no way having it would work out financially. She’d called her boyfriend to tell him last night and he had been supportive. She’d tried to pretend to herself that he hadn’t sounded enthused.

Dr. Meyer walked into the room and gave her a week smile.

“”Are you sure you want to go through with this?” Dr. Meyer asked.

“Yes,” Said Margaret it’s the only thing I can do.”

She put her lets in the stirrups she felt cold metal in side of her then a pink then a blast of water. She then felt a hand and heard a tiny voice say, “What the fuck?”

“It’s out” Dr. Meyer said. “Did you want to say goodbye?”

“Okay” Margaret said.

Dr. Myer took the small pink and green creature in her and set it on Margaret’s chest. Margaret was amazed at how much it resembled a mouse.

“Margaret this is your, I mean was your integrity, please take a moment to say goodbye. I’ll be just outside the door.”

The thing sat on her chest and looked at her with enormous pleading eyes.

“Look, I’m sorry,” She began. This isn’t an easy decision, but I just can‘t keep living the way I have been. I never get promoted. I live off of practically nothing. I need to be able to kiss ass and your standing in my way. Were just not living in the kind of world where I can have you and a life too. I’m sorry but, you would never have been really happy with me; who wants to live in someone that doesn’t want them around.”

I can’t survive on my own said the small creature beginning to choke and cry at the same time.

“Do you even like them,” It gasped with its last breath.

“I can’t stand any of them at all.”

Dr. Meyer came back into the room and threw the now dead creature into a plastic bag. Margaret showered and dressed and headed off to work. Somewhere in the middle of her train ride she forgot to be sad. She started making a five year plan for herself. She made a list of the people she should get close to and the ones to stay away from.

When she arrived at work her friend Sam greeted her, she hardly said hello. She saw her boss in the hall and told her her pants were cute. She told everyone in her afternoon meeting what a great company she thought she worked for and she bought a self help book on the way home.

She had dinner at a chain restaurant with her boyfriend she ate meat for the first time in years and she let him pay. They went home together and she moaned like there was no tomorrow. As she fell asleep she tried to remember why she had been upset earlier, but it was all a blank.

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