The Ice Queen



He met her in front of the library. She had been circulating petitions to get a senatorial candidate on the ballot. She was pretty, but not too much. She had seemed quiet and polite and quite nervous when he asked her out.

On their first date they’d met in the park and they had taken their dogs on a long walk. She’d seemed quite nervous, never looking him in the face. She had stammered a lot and let him do most of the talking. It had occurred to him that she did not seem like one to fight.

On their second date he’d taken her out to dinner at the restaurant of his choice. On their third date he had told her that he would meet her at her apartment and they would pick a movie to go see together. He had yet to achieve contact and was hoping this would be an opportunity to do that.

He arrived at her door and she reluctantly let him in. The first thing he noticed was how cold it was. The walked down a short hall way to the living room. He looked around shocked. There were stuffed toy penguins everywhere. There were posters of penguins and penguin pillows and several giant inflatable penguins. There were ice packs everywhere and the air condition was turned all the way up.

“Did you ever think you were born the wrong species,” she asked waddling towards him.

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