The Big Story

The black SUV was parked just off the corner of Sunset and Vine. Edgar sat in the driver’s seat with his eyes trained on the door of The Waffle. He munched pizza and drank a large coke while his camera sat on the dashboard at the ready.

Outside the SUV a tall, thin red haired man wearing eye make-up and a long ladies shirt asked passersby for money in a very quiet voice. When they walked right by without knowing he had spoken, he would say, “maybe next time”. An old black man in a torn undershirt and blue jeans walked down the street with one hand down his pants.

Edgar finished his meal and peed into the empty coke bottle. He grabbed his camera and put it in his lap. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a small group of people emerge from the office building next door to the restaurant. A thin, blond man and plain, blonde woman sat down on the stairs next to each other. They both appeared to be in their late thirties. The man lit a cigarette and put his arm around the woman. A group of young men stood near the couple not too subtly making fun of the woman’s looks. They took out cigarettes and began discussing a supervisor they didn’t like.

The thin man took his arm off of the plain woman’s shoulder and reached into his pocket for a cell phone. He appeared to be checking a text message. When he was finished he put the phone back in his pocket, but did not place his arm back on the woman’s shoulder. The woman scooted closer to him as he looked off into the distance. Her movement blocked out a stream of light that was coming from the building, casting an eerie shadow on the front of the restaurant.

A tall, woman with dark hair exited the building. She was talking on her cell phone and tears were beginning to emerge. She stood directly in front of Edgar, blocking his view of the door.

He whispered swear words to himself as he overheard her conversation.

“I did look on Craigslist today…. Well, I’m contributing somewhat. Well, I’m not gonna give up my whole acting career for some job at Denny’s.” The tears were rolling down her cheeks. I know you are, babe I’m sorry. Well, there hasn’t been anything that’s right for me is all. I’ve been doing the writer’s group…I know she… look, I have to go back in. I’ll see you soon.”

She sat down on the steps and took out a bag of candy and began eating it. Edgar breathed a sigh of relief. The door to the restaurant swung open and a dark haired man emerged with a redhead in a green dress Edgar’s stomach tightened and his arms flew up. He focused and realized the man simply looked like the actor he was looking for, he breathed and rested his arms.

Edgar stared at the redhead as she and the man stood waiting for the valet to bring their car around. She was short with large breast and full hips. In spite of carefully contoured make-up, small lines emerged at the corner of her brown eyes which darted about nervously. She wore pantyhose under the short dress and her waist was clenched smartly beneath a wide belt. The man checked his watch and smiled at her politely. He was well dressed and in his mid-forties. A small wave of contempt passed though Edgar’s veins as he noticed the man’s fingernails were manicured. They got into a BMW and drove off.

Edgar looked down at the magazine in his passenger seat. The man he was looking for was taller with a pointer nose than the man who had just come out of the restaurant. He tried to study the face in the magazine while keeping one eye on the door. If he missed another one they were sure to fire him. He had already been warned twice. If he got the picture he was after it could mean a minimum of $500. He owed his landlord $2000, but he might be able to talk him in to letting him stay for another week if he presented him with $500.





A beautiful young man was walking down the street, tall with dark curly hair, dark eyes and perfectly angled features, everyone turned and looked at him as he entered the building.

The plain blonde woman smiled vaguely as the man entered.

A few people said, “hi, Phil” as he passed. He nodded politely and went into the building. The others got up and went back into the building after him.

Edgar stared at the door of The Waffle. A young man carrying a purse ran by his line of vision than another man, then a crying woman came stumbling after them screaming curse words. The second man came back after a moment carrying the empty purse.

The door opened again and a tall man came out picking his teeth. Edgar fired his camera taking snapshot after snapshot. A gorgeous brunette followed the man. The two kissed and Edgar fired once again. They got in their car and he followed them. He wondered what page People would run it on.

He smiled to himself as he chased the couple down Sunset. He could pay rent he would be okay, and the best story in town was all his.

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