Pretty on the Outside




A recent article in the Huffington Post reported that legendary basket-case and everything addict and anti-mupit Courtney Love had reveled that her late husband Kurt Cobain had wanted, very much to be a famous rock star. He was not at all averse to notoriety as he had suggested repeatedly whenever he talked to the press.

At first I laughed, Love being such a  fame whore herself, but the truth is, I don’t doubt it. Nobody becomes famous by accident, not even a “tortured” young artist like Cobain. Given all the people in the world who want fame you have to work really hard for it and Cobain was no exception. He and his publicity team, did an extremely good job of using smoke and mirrors to create a mythic man in his life and on the occasion of his death.

Now, I never knew Kurt Cobain nor do I entertain fantasies of knowing him. I am only familiar with the myth and the product and unless you, reader personally knew him, all you are familiar with is the myth and the product as well. I like some of Nirvana’s songs, but I wouldn’t go so far as to call myself a fan. I liked his lyrics, but I wasn’t mad for grunge. For whatever its worth, they created a new sound. I never saw the point of writing such great lyrics if your going to sing them in a way that made them hard to understand. I liked Hole’s Doll Parts lyrics as well and I could relate, I too wanted  to be the girl with the most cake. Although they both wrote good lyrics, I think Kurt was  overrated. Bob Dylan, Bob Marley and Cole Porter were the really great lyricist.  I never thought either Kurt or Courtney had the greatest voices. I always thought they were pretty equal in the talent department. They were both pretty good lyricist, neither was a great singer.

They were both drug  addicts who were jointly and separately responsible for the welfare of an infant. Each of them took heroin, not just Courtney, and not just Kurt. In spite of the decision he made to bring someone into this world Kurt decided to take himself out of it, leaving Courtney to be the soul parent of little Frances Bean. He knew more about his wife than anyone of us ever will and he still trusted her to raise their daughter. In spite of all this Kurt Cobain is considered to be a deep and insightful good guy and Courtney is considered a hot mess, why? I think it’s simple; he was prettier than she was.

The beautiful, misunderstood artist is some thing we have seen mythologized  over and over again in the media. Jack Kerouac is more famous for his lifestyle and method of writing than his actual writing. He was good at describing a scene, but when it came to describing people he took everyone  he met at face value. He never really questioned the philosophies of the beatniks he wrote about. Can you imagine how Allen Ginsberg and all of his whaling would have fared under the tart and acerbic pen of Ms. Dorothy Parker or the no nonsense eye of Mr. Ernest Hemingway?

Kerouac made sure everyone knew he wrote everything on a scroll with out editing anything.  ( I do the same one Elizashead,  so do most bloggers.)  Truman Capote said, “that’s not writing that’s typing”. I have to agree to some extent. Yet I would have to guess that Jack is considerable more famous than Truman or Dorothy and sadly as famous as Papa, because he looked at a movie star. We don’t really expect someone who looks like that to be a writer at all. When someone is that beautiful we are impressed if they care about anybody enough to write about them.

Now I know some people will say I’m wrong. Well, I mean if anyone ever read Elizashead they would say that. They would tell me it’s all in my head and that inner beauty is what counts. No inner beauty is what  SHOULD count; outer beauty is what DOES count. I will give another example, because I can.

Johnny Depp is considered a rebel who stood up against Hollywood stupidity by getting drunk and tearing up hotel rooms when he was on 21 Jump St. The tall, dark, perfectly symmetrical actor denounced the show while he was on it, saying it was fluff. This was a stroke of genius. He looked smart, fearless and rebellious. In spite of his objections to the show he signed a new contract and continued being paid. He took to playing quirky characters in independent films and getting mad whenever the paparazzi took his picture and getting mad at them made him even more famous. This stunt worked wonders for his dark haired, dark eyed sensitive artist product. He always maintained that he hated publicity and Hollywood. He went on to star in the Pirates of the Caribbean series.

Johnny Depp is a fantastic actor. I didn’t really know what he looked like for the longest time because he looked different in every movie I saw him in.  I saw them all and thought  he was a complete chameleon. I’d never actually seen 21 Jump st as it was aimed at kids and aired after I was a kid. When I did see an episode I noticed how pretty he was and was sadly reminded of how important good looks are yet again. People watched THAT show to see him. THAT show! they could have been reading or watching a movie or staring at a wall or slitting their wrists, but instead they choice to watch THAT show because of him. He did turn out to be a great actor, but you never would have guessed it from THAT show.

If a woman or an ugly guy of equal talent to Mr.Depp tore up a hotel room and denounced a show that they were on and got rich being on, they would be considered an enormous asshole. But the beautiful Mr. Depp got away with it, because we are all so impressed when a beautiful looking person has a talent and a soul.

If any of these wealthy white men really hated being famous they could have simply quit and  walked away with enough dough to last several life times. You can always make music in small clubs, write in your room and act on stage.  Lot’s of people want fame. I named two blogs after myself for a reason. If it’s fame you want, just admit it. Theres no need to insult our intelligence. Apparently, we will put up with anything if you’re pretty on the outside.







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