The Complaint (Part 22)




“Ellen, ” Danni said looking slightly amused.

“Hey, Danni”, Ellen said wanting to crawl under a rock.

” So your the new roommate. This is so weird I was just thinking about you. What are the odds?”

” I have no Idea,” Ellen said, wondering if Kyle said anything to Danni.

With this a pot bellied middle aged man entered, Ellen was happy to have a distraction.

” Hi, my name’s Ellen, I’m the new roommate.” She got up and extended a hand.

“I’m Marvin, nice to meet you. ”

Marvin put some water on and sat down.  Danni excused herself, took out her cell phone and went into her room.

“So where do you work Ellen?

“Punishment Planning, how about you?”

Oh, cushy government job, lucky you. I work in torture device manufacturing, but it’s only temporary,” Marvin said sitting down.

“Why’s that?”

“Eh, I wasn’t ever supposed to have been down here in the first place. I was supposed to  have gotten reincarnated by birthright, but there was a mistake, there trying to figure out all the mishegas and once they do I’ll be out of here. ”

“What kind of a mistake?”

“Well, you see to take advantage of my birthright there are all these laws that have to be followed. My yutz of a niece screwed everything up. I was supposed to be buried in twenty four hours and instead it took a week and I was supposed to be buried with my feet facing east and they mucked that up too.”

“But they can fix it?”

“So my lawyer tells me. He goes before a judge next month. He’s a very smart kid. Went to Harvard Law”. In the meanwhile I’m managing the company.

“What did you have to do to get out of the dorms?”

“I was never in them, due to my circumstances I got a level pass.”

Marvin got up to cook his noodles. Ellen suddenly realized she would never see Petunia her pet guinea pig again.

“I went from cancer, how about you?”

“Mall rampage victim, ” Ellen said fighting back tears.

“It’s getting more and more common, ” Marvin said.

After Marvin ate the two roommates took a walk down a diamond tunnel to the convenience store. Ellen was amazed at the enormous variety of porn, magazines, gossip rags and energy drinks available.

She blushed a little as she looked at one  of the many magazines with Christ on the cover. This particular magazine had a story about Christ “saving” one of the Kardashians. “Saving Her for What?” the headline read.

Marvin bought some cigarettes and a candy bar with what appeared to be poker chips.

“I can’t give you any candy, but do you want that magazine,” he said to Ellen.

She nodded sheepishly and handed him the rag. The gawkish adolescent clerk stoically rang it up. There eyes met as he handed her the bag. She realized she knew him from somewhere, but she couldn’t place him.

She and Marvin walked home as they were reaching the door she realized where she had seen the clerk.

“Marvin, I think that clerk might have killed me,”





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