The Complaint (part 18)




The ferry stop was crowded with the most unattractive people Ellen had seen since arriving in Hell. A small, thin woman with enormous feet was attempting to tap dance and falling every few seconds. A naked, faceless man walked around the stop handing people blank sheets of paper. A woman with pencils for fingers was having a difficult time of finding change in her purse.

“Goddamn it” the woman sputtered. “Goddamn this punishment. “

“Do you want me to hold your purse for you? Ellen asked.

“No thanks, all I need is to get arrested again. You must be new in town.”

“I’ve been here almost a week, “Ellen said unable to believe that it had only been that long.

“Well, welcome I’d shake your hand but….”

“Can I ask…I mean…” Ellen began.

“I was a Plagiarist.”

“I see,” Ellen said looking down trying to fight a smile. She felt sorry for the woman, but at the same time she liked the punishment.

“So… I mean, not to belittle it or anything, but compared to some of the other punishments people get…I mean, I’m sure it’s very difficult for you. It looks quiet awful in fact, but compared to other punishments…” Ellen stammered.

“I got lucky? I suppose. I did in some ways. The thing is I still have to work and fend for myself. So believe me it’s not so easy as it looks. I’ve been doing this four years. I lost a little weight, that’s the only good thing. You’re just a worker I take?”

“Yeah, yeah I am.”

“Can I ask what kinda work?”

“I’m in punishment planning. I’m just an apprentice.”

“Oh”,, the woman said coldly.

The ferry came. Ellen couldn’t believe how crowded it was or how bad it smelled. She stood squashed between a naked man with a one inch penis and a man with nose hairs so long that they tripped everyone who got on the ferry.

After what seemed an endless ride she arrived at the newbie dorm. Her stomach tightened; what would things be like with Kyle. She entered the kitchen to find a slight blond woman in a hospital gown eating SagettiOHs.

The young woman introduced herself as Abby. She’d died during a routine appendectomy and she had just come from HR. She was to be a bartender in one of the bars downtown and she was having a bite before her first night of work.

Ellen listened with half an ear. She wondered where Kyle was.