The Complaint (part 16)




“We wouldn’t want to do that,” Ellen laughed.

The woman smiled and walked out of the bathroom. Ellen felt positively giddy.  She staggered back into the bar and plopped herself down in Kyle’s lap, kissing him before she could think about it. He took a large swallow of his drink and kissed her back. They sat kissing for a moment then he took her by the hand and they staggered back to their room, the money swirling around them in the tube on the way home made Ellen feel even dizzier.  

Kyle undressed without even bothering to turn out the lights. In spite of her drunkenness, Ellen was suddenly sharply aware of their physical inequity. She took her skirt off and quickly climbed under the covers. They resumed kissing as he began working his way down she became acutely aware of every single mark on her skin, of every glob of cellulite and the fact of the smallness of her breasts. She wondered if he was comparing her to Danni right around now. She tried to throw in a few moans and groans to appease him and drown out her own insecurity.

“Are you sure you want to do this, love?”

“”Yes”, she stammered. “Why?”

“You’re clenching.” She took a deep breath and tried to relax. She wished she had another drink. She was relieved when he was able to enter her. He ran his hands down her hips and she moaned trying to make up for her lack of curves with unbridled enthusiasm.

He finished gruffly and passed out on top of her. She wriggled out from under him. She stared at the ceiling unable to sleep. At around three am yellow lights began to flash and Kyle got up and dressed silently. He got into the elevator and rode off to what she assumed was his haunting.

A few hours later the alarm went off and she got up to go to work. The boat ride was awkward. Virgil said nothing to her as they road to the office. When they arrived Vigil coldly informed her that this was the last time he could drive her to work. He gave her instructions on where to catch the ferry and he drove off.

Ellen arrived at her desk to find a note from Rhonda.

‘I got promoted, kid. Good luck in all of your endeavors,’ it said.

She wondered who her new boss would be. The boy from the mail room came along and gave her a new file.

“I heard your boss got promoted,” he said.


“Well, she deserved it. I never would have thought of a bully eating his own vomit. It’s disgusting, but very economical, don’t you think?”

“I .. Yes, it is good,” Ellen stammered, thinking better of voicing her outrage.

She sat at her desk for a long moment wondering if she would ever get out of the dorms. She wondered how awkward things would be between her and Kyle that night and for the first time she felt as though she was in Hell.

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