The Complaint (part 9)


“You have to recruit three. I only have to have one approved punishment before I can move on, I guess I got lucky.”
“Maybe, love. I have a feeling you’ve got a harder job. It really isn’t that hard to get someone who wants to be famous to do something stupid.”
She wondered if he could see her blushing when he called her love; did souls blush? A long uncomfortable silence passed as she tried to think of something else to say to him.
“Hey, there heart throb, how’s it going?” Ellen heard a woman’s voice behind her.
“Hey, mean girl how tricks?” Kyle said perking up.
Ellen turned to see a tall sultry brunette standing in the door way. The woman was about 5’9 and dressed in a black-jumpsuit that hugged her large breasts and small waist perfectly. Long dark hair framed the woman’s face and offset her enormous blue eyes.
“They’re amazing, so good I’m moving to level two tomorrow”. The woman said sitting down next to Ellen without acknowledging her presents at all.
“What happened,” Kyle asked, it occurred to Ellen that she had ceased to exist.
“Two anorexics and a suicide all from my Vodka ad.”
“Wow, you’ve got dangerous curves lady.” He said impressed.
Oh Ellen, this is Danni, she’s helps to induce self-loathing and suicidal tendencies in the living”
“Hi,” Ellen said putting out her hand.
“I’m moving in with roommates tomorrow.”
“Well’ I’m happy for you love, but I’m a little put off we won’t be bedmates anymore.”
“Not, for a while at least.” She said coyly.
Ellen felt her stomach tighten it occurred to her that they would all be sharing a bed that night.

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