The Complaint (part 4)

All Of a sudden the people in the room began to turn black and white. First the color went out of their clothes then their faces. Their hands slowly faded from flesh.
A man pushing an extra-large shopping cart approached Ellen.
“Get in,” he said coldly.
“I beg your pardon,” Ellen said.
“Get in the shopping cart.”
“I Will not.”
“Miss, I’m afraid it’s not a choice,” he said.
She began to walk away. He seized her by the arm. She screamed and fought him. Ellen screamed again but no one turned around or even looked up. She looked over at Mr. Kaden who was dutifully climbing into his shopping cart.
She climbed in and the man pushed her to the shopping cart escalator placed her cart on the escalator and left her to ride down alone. She traveled for what seemed like an eternity down at least a hundred different flights and she didn’t recognize any of the shops she saw except for Starbucks. After a time she began to feel very hot. Suddenly the levels of the mall disappeared and she was traveling down a long tunnel surrounded by very bright lights while annoying bagpipe music played in the background.
The cart finally landed in a river. She floated until she saw a tall, thin balding man waving her ashore.
“Hi, I’m Virgil. You must be Ellen.”
She stepped out of the cart and they walked into a large office building marked “Human Resources”.
“Have a seat, Ellen, Emily will be right in, Virgil said.
“Excuse me, am I dead?”
“Emily will be in in a minute” He said gently closing the door.”
In a moment a rather large woman in a pink business suit entered.
“Hi, Sorry I’m a little late my name’s Emily, “she announced in a brass New York accent.
“Am I dead”, Ellen asked again beginning to panic.
“Well let’s have a seat and talk about it”, Emily said sitting down behind a desk that seemed to be made of pure ivory.
“Ellen, we don’t like to use the word dead around here. We prefer to think of it as being dimensionally reassigned.”
“OK”, Ellen said “and where have I been reassigned to?”
“Well, Ellen as you’ve probably heard when ya die ya go to one of two places. If a person has lived an exemplary life he goes to Heaven and if not you come here.
“Am I in Hell?”
“We prefer to call it a soul rehabilitation center.”
“Does that mean there’s a way out?
“No, we just prefer to call it that?
“Why am I here,” Ellen asked beginning to cry.”
“Ya lied, you swore, you fornicated, you stole a couple of time, you lusted after your best friend’s father , you worshiped, money, you didn’t kill but you wanted to kill a whole bunch of customers and you ate dead animals that had been killed for you,”
“But, there is one bright spot. You were under twenty five when you died and you were murdered, so technically we can’t send you for punishment. “
“So, I get reincarnated”
“No, not exactly.
“What do I get?”
“You get a job here with us.”
“It isn’t retail is it?”
“Oh, no . We knew how frustrated you were with that. We knew you always wanted to do something creative. Ellen, congratulations you’re our new Punishment Planner apprentice.”

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