The Complaint Part 3


“I think I have a coupon for facial scrub,” the officer continued. If I go to the market that’s near the Vietnamese restaurant I can get Vietnamese food for dinner. We went into the Vietnam war due to our alliance with France:
Ellen turned to Mr. Kaden who was taking notes on a long note pad. He threw the note pad down and kissed her, gently running his hands down her breast and waist as he did so.
“Mr. Kaden, what are you doing,” She asked as he dropped to his knees.
“Isn’t this what you wanted,” he asked confused.
“Well, yes at one time, but not now; I mean there has been a mass shooting. Don’t you want to call your daughter?”
“They won’t let you use your phone.” He stood up and pointed in the direction of the cops. “If you so much as take out your phone or reach into your pocket for any reason, you’ll be shot.”
Ellen looked in the direction of the police. She noticed that they seemed to be getting smaller with every passing second. By the time she turned back to Mr. Kaden they were almost microscopic.
“Are those policemen getting smaller,” she asked.
“Yes,” Mr. Kaden answered between large, sloppy bites of pretzel. “There have been a lot of budget cuts this year. They had to reduce staffing.”
“But I mean doesn’t that usually mean they would just fire people”
“Oh, this is a new way of handling it. They just medicate them until they shrink down to a manageable size.”
“Don’t their families mind?”
“Oh they shrink them down as well. At first they were only providing minimizing for the officers themselves,: Mr. Kaden said mater-o-factly, “but then there was a lawsuit in Texas; some lady stepped on her husband.”
Ellen though this was actually quite a clever idea. Certainly, the police would have a better chance of sneaking up on someone and catching them in a criminal act if they were only a few inches tall.
“The killer is somewhere in this room”, the officer at the podium exclaimed. Everyone gasped and looked around.

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