The Complaint part 2


“Ok God,” Ellen whispered beginning to cry.
“I am never shopping in this mall again,” the woman said. There were more shots and screams followed by a long silence.
Ellen looked beside her to see the woman had disappeared. She belly crawled out from under her station to see several people lying dead on the floor of the shop. She, carefully made her way out into the walkway which was dark and dead silent. She saw a man walking towards her and she began to run.
“Ellen, it’s me, Mr. Kaden.”
Ellen stopped and turned around walking towards her was her childhood best friend’s father.
She ran towards him sobbing he stiffened at her embrace.
“Did they catch him,” she asked.
“We’re supposed to go downstairs,” he said it a comforting paternal tone.
“Is Carrie with you,” she asked.
He was silent. He began walking very quickly; she found herself having to run to keep up with him. He broke out into a sprint racing down the escalators to the food court. He stopped at Aunt Diane’s, panting and out or breath.
She caught up to him.
“What are you doing”, she asked.
“I’m getting a pretzel.”
“But, don’t you think. I mean isn’t the mall closed?”
“Life goes on, Ellen,” he said.
A woman with blood on her shirt and handed him a garlic pretzel.
“Do you want one?”
“No I’m fine,” she said.
They walked into a room where about 40 or so people were gathered. Ellen thought she recognized a couple of them as fellow mall employees. Their soft chattering was silenced when a police officer approached a podium that stood in the front of the room.
“I want to thank you all for your patients. Here’s what we know so far at two o’clock today a man with a gun came into the mall and I need bananas. I said I would pick up bananas and I need more facial scrub.”.
Ellen was confused. She looked at the woman sitting next to her who was just staring straight ahead and nodding stoically.

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