The Compaint (part 1)




Ellen watched with distain as the woman approached her register. Everything about the woman from her flat footed walk to her confused expression to the odd peasant blouse, paisley skirt and sneaker combination she had on, suggested she was going to be trouble.

Ellen had worked in the Bath and Shower Store at Candle Park Mall for two years she’d seen everything come and go including her sense of wonder and her hope for the future.

Of all the various categories of customers she’d dealt with in her time there The Friendless Weirdo was her least favorite.  The Popular Kid’s treated her like she didn’t exist, but they went away fairly quickly, The Business Bitches were snappish, but if you gave them what they wanted they’d be on their merry way as well, but The Friendless Weirdo’s liked to linger. Half of them were SSI recipients who had nothing to do all day and the other half worked in some menial job like hers where they received no respect.

They were always stupid enough to be confused by something on their receipt or sales contract, but intelligent enough to question it. When she would attempt to explain something to them they would always talk over her, asking a million different questions before she could complete an answer to the first one. They always got progressively angrier as the conversation went on and they almost always talked of suing.

Ellen slapped on a weary smile as the customer reached the counter. She felt her stomach knot as the woman reached into her knapsack and pulled out an electric razor.

“Excuse me, miss are you the one I would talk to about this “, she said brandishing the razor at Ellen as it were evidence in a murder trial.

“Um yes, what seems to be the trouble?”

Suddenly, a loud scream came from the food court, followed by gun shots. Ellen looked out into the mall to see people running for the escalator. Several people ran into the store and a security guard closed the door and locked it behind him.

“Everybody take cover”, The security guard screamed. Ellen crouched down under the counter. The woman crouched on the floor and crawled next to her.

“I can’t figure out how to hold this thing steady when I’m shaving my pits”, the woman said.

“Are you …really, are you being serious” Ellen whisper gasped between sobs”.

“Of course I’m being serious. I don’t care for your attitude can I talk to someone else?”

Blood splatter of the store. Ellen could only see the combat boots of the shooter as he ran by just outside the door.

“I paid good money for this thing”, the woman said, I have very thick pit hair and if I don’t shave every day you can actually see it through my shirt.”




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