The Reality Show in Tad’s Head part. 6


Editor looked at Caroline with distain.

“I doubt very much anything like that was running through your mind with the way you were carrying on”, he said.

“Seriously”, Caroline said losing her patents with him I tell you I was faking it in so many words and you still don’t believe me? The male ego knows no bounds.”

“No, I know you were faking it. But was your motivation really to watch Chelsea Lately; I think not. It’s very obvious that you have no respect for yourself or what you want all you care about is what this jack ass thinks of you that’s why we are here, isn’t it? You were faking it so he would think you were hyper sexual and would want to come back for more.”

Caroline blushed hotly and continued about her business. She edited out the time he was telling her about the software program he was writing and she fell asleep She edited out the times she called and hung up to see if he was home.

She landed on June 21st and took a deep breath. I’d like you to stop at 6:00 please: she said to camera man.

Tad was sitting on his sofa watching The History Channel and eating chips.

‘Maybe she’ll finally get a clue”. Tad’s inner voice said.

Caroline’s face turned white.

“Go back”, she said.

“How far”,  asked camera man.

“An inch”, she said.

She watched in horror as the thought played again.

“Maybe she’ll finally get a clue.”

Caroline began to cry.

“Are you ok, love?”. She heard director voice come from the darkness.

“I always knew it….” she sobbed.

“Knew what”, director said.

“That he forgot my birthday on purpose”.

Editor smirked and glared at her as she cried. Cameraman yawned and asked where she wanted to go next.

“What the fuck”, an unfamiliar voice said.

“What’s all this shit”?

“I’m so sorry for the inconvenience we’re filming a TV show,”, director said. You should be able to just walk on the inside of the tracks, they only go back about three year’s total.”

“Well I’ve got a long enough walk, asshole”. The voice shouted. Caroline heard the sound of a good solid punch. After a few minutes she saw a ghostly figure of a very big child coming towards her.

“What are you looking at, ugly”?, he said to her. “Haven’t you ever seen a repressed memory before?”

“No, not up close. I mean all mine are repressed so…”

He rolled his eyes.

“I used to beat Tad up in the 6th grade. I knocked out his front tooth. “

“Oh, okay! is that why he has that weird habit of touching his upper lip”, she asked.

“Yeah, that would be my handy work. Hey, wait, I know you. You used to date Tad.”

“Yes, that’s what the show about.”

Okay, I could see that. Sorry about all those performance issues he had, I mean guess you could say I’m partially responsible.

“Caroline, love we’re on a very tight schedule”, director said.

“Well, it was nice meeting you, but I have to get back to work.”

“”Hey, I don’t know if you’re doing anything later but there’s a really good bar upstairs in primal desires and….”

“I’d wish I could but I’m only gonna be here  a day and a half and I have to work the whole time.”

“Yeah, whatever”  the memory said and walked off.

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