The Reality Show in Tad’s Head part 5


It was then that Caroline began to experience a strange, intense double vision she saw her own memory in the distance and Tad’s memory, close up. Then, she hear a loud, unfamiliar voice say voice say,
Well, maybe, let’s go in for a look”.
“Did you say something?” She said to cameraman.
“No, still on break”
“Director did you say something”, she yelled to him.
“No, no love, you’re hearing Tad’s inner voice, or at least his memory of what he was thinking.”
“Oh my God, he’s coming over here”, she heard her own inter voice say.
“The butt’s a little too big, nice eye…pantyhose? Fuck it,’, Tad’s voice said ‘Caroline covered her ears, making her own memory of her internal voice ten times louder.
“Do I have spinach in my teeth? I think I have a little spinach in my teeth”, the voice screamed.”,
“She’s got spinach in here teeth,” Tad’s inner voice said.
“Um excuse me. Editor?” she called out.
“What’s going on?” He answered gruffly.
Um’ can we erase stuff from his memory?”
“You’ll find a red pen taped to the bottom of the dolly just mark off the image in the band you want erased.” She marked off the memory of her pantyhose and the spinach in her teeth.
Their thoughts drowned out their boring chit chat Tad couldn’t get his mind off the woman the red dress. He kept sneaking peeks at her as she worked her way around the room.
She remembered thinking that she had never seen such beautiful, kind eyes. She thought she knew him when she looked into them. Now, standing in his brain three years later she was appalled to see that he hadn’t listened to a single word she said.
She briefly marked off the scene’s she though were most incriminating and then had camera man role her to later on that night.
She felt horrified at Tad’s memory of their first sexual encounter.
“”God her tits are even smaller without the bra Is that a birth mark? Get some of that fake tanning stuff.
Everything she feared he was thinking was exactly what he was thinking. She had to even the score.

With the assistance of editor she inserted her thought bubbles over the action.
“God it’s small”. One bubble said.
“What am I an English saddle”, said another.
“Get a clue the screaming means I’m coming which means you can too, brains. Hurry, up Chelsea Lately is on in like five minutes”, a third proclaimed.
She grinned at editor as she typed them in he just rolled his eyes and did his job.
“Is that really what you were thinking”? He asked.
“Approximately”, she said.
It will entertain the audience anyway.
He shook his head and assisted director in pushing her several months into the future.