The Reality show in Tad’s Head – Part 4


Caroline considered what Director had said. She decided  he was right; there had to be a way of editing his memories in a way that would show him he would lose something he wanted because of the way he treated her.

“ Okay”,  Director said he just got into bed and if you look through the eyes there you can see he’s watching Letterman. He should drop off to sleep soon. Let’s start making our way to the frontal lobe.

The men began climbing towards the upper skull Caroline walked forward a bit. It had been quite a while since she’d been in this room, It looked like Tad had gotten a new TV and a new bedspread. Her stomach churned. Men purchased new linen for one reason. She figured that he probably hadn’t been celibate for the last year and a half, but it was different to see direct evidence right in her face. She found herself walking closer and closer to the lens.

Suddenly, she was thrown of her feet.  She rolled violently into the iris. (Although she didn’t know it this would cause Tad’s eyes to turn an even deeper blue than they already were.)

She saw a giant fist coming towards her. She screamed, but then realized he was simply rubbing his eyes.

“Caroline,” where are you”, she heard Editor calling.  She realized she had gotten turned around, she looked left and right, she realized she was lost in his eyes. She finally found her way back to the optic disc. Se shimmied up to the frontal lobe to join the others.

“I think we’ve located the memory bands, Caroline “Director said. We’ve set up dolly tracks, get on the dolly and will push you back into his first memory of you. Just tell cameraman where you want to stop. We can insert your version of the memory at any point just mark off the places you want your memory to go”, he said handing her a pen.

Caroline climbed on the dolly and began her journey deep into Tad’s memory. Cameraman, who was doubling as a grip, pushed the dolly.

“I tell union about this I am camera man for 14 years. An also want craft services”, He said as he huffed and puffed.

Caroline saw the last year and a half of Tad’s life whipping past her in reverse every meal he’d eaten every day at work, every song he’d listened to flew past her so quickly that it looked like an enormous blur. The months were labeled with large letters on the side of the frontal lobe.

She arrived at February of 2009; her heart stopped for a moment as camera man slowed down until he arrived at February 20th 8:00 PM.

Tad was standing in the bathroom brushing his teeth He was naked and was inspecting himself as he brushed.  Whole Lotta Love played lightly in the background and he did a few dances moves to it in the mirror.. He watched TV for about an hour and then he headed out the door.  He arrived at Jonathan Mencher’s birthday which was being held at a club downtown at 9:30. He had a  few drinks and sat at the bar talking to Jonathan and his girlfriend about a movie they’d seen. A dark haired woman in a white dress entered the room. Tad could not take his eyes off her. His gaze traveled the length of her body down her soft supple breasts to her long well-toned legs. He imagined walking across the room and kissing her.

Caroline’s closed her eyes. Who was that woman? She didn’t even remember her being at the party that night.

“Camera man can you pull me forward just like an hour?” Caroline said.

“On break”, camera man said.

She opened her eyes to find Tad’s fantasy had progressed to full blown sex. He had envisioned taking the woman on the bar room floor. When the fantasy was over he began walking toward the woman. Before he could get to her a man came up to her and kissed her. Tad looked down at his shoes. When he looked up he noticed Caroline Entering the bar and handing a present to Jonathan. He caught her looking at him several times in the next hour.

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