The Reality Show in Tad’s Head part. 3

Director got out a map and began to plan a route to the brain. They all gathered under the liver shielding themselves from falling tomato soup and bread.
“Let’s take the bile duct to the gallbladder and climb up the right lung”.
“Bile duct?” Caroline said.

“He’s right, it’s the fastest way to get there” Editor said regarding Caroline with a mean smile.
“Can’t we just travel up a blood stream?”
“It’s too dangerous; we’d be going straight upstream the whole time.”
“”not if we waited until he was lying down”, Caroline said hopefully.
“That will take too long, the drugs that shrank us, only last for two days.” Editor said.
“Maybe, he’ll take a nap”, She said hopefully.
“Get in the raft”, Director said.
Caroline closed her eyes and held her nose as they were splashed with the disgusting green bile. Suddenly there was a great title wave and they were all lifted into the air they came crashing down, Caroline screamed and got a mouth full of bile.
“What happened?”, she asked.
“Is, nothing; is belch”, cameraman said.
“Don’t , worry if you got some in your mouth, its actually good for you. It has taurine in it; just like most energy drinks”, Director said.
They arrived in Tad’s head just after midnight.
They all sat down and had their first production meeting.
I want him to see things as I remember them. I want a studio audience packed with people to tell him what he did was wrong.”
“What did he do, cheat on you” Editor asked with a knowing smile.
“I don’t know”, Caroline said. “He just got meaner and meaner and then he just left. I don’t think he feels any remorse.”
“Why didn’t you just ask him why he left, this must be coasting you a fortune”?
“Okay, Editor that’s enough.” Director said.
“I didn’t want to appear desperate”.
The four got to work cutting the memories from the small editing machine. Caroline felt embarrassed as they fast forwarded over the memories she had of herself singing in the shower and dancing in front of the bathroom mirror.
They got to the night where she met Tad at a New Year’s Eve Party.
Her heart dropped into her stomach when she saw him standing there looking at her like she was the only person in the room.
“Boy this part of the tape is a little choppy,” said director.
”That’s from being played over and over again,” chuckled editor.
Here’s what I’d like to do,” director said. “I’d like to take all the other party guests, Tad’s ex-girlfriends and any potential love interest he has and make then the audience”, that way all the opinions are completely stacked against him .”
“I don’t want to see his love interests,
“Caroline, he isn’t going to care if a bunch of random people and his ex-girlfriends don’t like him. He’s a wanker you have to look for something he does care about and show him that his actions will destroy his chances of getting it. The woman from Match in mind is sending us   some extras of course,; but, lets stack the cards against him.