The Reality Show in Tad’s Head – part 2


Caroline’s stomach was filled with anxiety as she raced down the crowed street to the alley where Match in Mind was located. She tried to avoid being stepped on as she was very small. She rode on a man’s shoe for several blocks and then climbed onto a dog for the rest of the journey.

She entered the office to find the woman she had spoken to last week and three tiny men with camera equipment standing around enjoying donuts and coffee.

They all sat down Caroline’s eyes surveyed the motley crew that had been assigned to her. As they could not use names at Mind Match she was told to call them by their jobs.

.There was Director a slim gentleman with thick glasses and wild hair, he looked to be about 25. He wore a Duke Ellington  t-shirt and a baseball cap. He smile at her and said he was looking forward to the project.

Camera man was old and fat. He was wearing what appeared to be pajamas and he slept though most of the meeting.

Editor was a sullen, dark haired man who wore sun glasses and a frown; he glared at Caroline as she described her plans.

I want us to come to him in a dream. It will basically be an edited version of all the terrible things he did to me when we were together. I want to make him believe that something terrible is going to happen to him if he doesn’t apologize to me.

Director laughed, cameraman snored and editor just continued to glare.  The woman  said she thought it was a brilliant idea.

“We’ll need your memory bands”. Editor said coldly. “You should have told us before we shrunk down.

“What do you need my memory bands for?”

“Well, if you want to weigh on is conscious then he has to see things from your perspective as you remember them. I’ll have to take your memory bands from the time you were together, copy them and edit from the copy.”

“Hold still” the woman said to Caroline as she rammed a needle into her Caroline’s  neck.  Caroline felt dizzy and extremely distant. Was looking at what seemed to be a long strand of bubble tape. Editor put it into a contraption o some sort and went onto his lap top. He had to actually jump on the keys to work. It took about an hour to copy everything and email it and put it on a pony drive. He clumsily rolled the tape back up and the woman stuck it back in Caroline’s head.

Caroline had a strange memory of her first bath and her first dentist appointment  mixed together in a disturbing montage.

“So”, the woman said, “are you ready to go in?”

“How are we getting in”? Caroline asked.

“Soup,” Director said.

“I beg your pardon”. Caroline said.

“Don’t be scared honey it’s Gazpacho, its cold.” The woman said.

“He’s going to eat us”? Caroline asked.

“Swallow, not chew. The woman said. “Honey, it’s perfectly safe, I’ve been doing this for years, trust me.”

They were all taken to a restaurant where one Mr. Tad Fendelstein was having lunch, with a friend. They snuck into the kitchen where they shimmied their way into a soup cup. Cameraman had a bit of trouble getting all of his equipment into the bowl with him. A large ladle of tomato soup was thrown on top of them and Caroline sneezed from all the spices.

They were rushed out into the dining room were a harried waiter placed them on the table and dashed away. Caroline looked up. There he was Tad the man who broke her heart three years earlier, She felt a slight pull at her heart as they were lifted up towards the strong jaw of her ex paramour. She attempted to look into his eyes but instead saw straight up into the nostrils which had a disturbing amount of hair in them. She thought she caught a glimpse of Editor looking a her with distain as they were traveling down Tad’s gullet. They landed on top of a large pile of half-digested crackers and some orange seeds which appeared to be growing roots.

“Now what”, Caroline asked.

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